Kathmandu Axis Fleet Pack Review

Axis Pack

Looks a bit unbalanced

The Axis pack (now known as the fleet pack) from Kathmandu is a 25L capacity backpack that can convert into a shoulder bag. There’s a couple of things I really like about this bag and a couple of things that I don’t.

First of all the bag is quite well made, its not too heavy while empty and it has plenty of pockets. Starting from the top it has a fleece lined pocket for delicate items such as phones, sunglasses, etc. I found this pocket to be very handy while going through the security checkpoints at the airport. You can quickly slip things in and out of it in no time at all. Just below that is a padded laptop compartment which fits up to a 15-17″ laptop, its quite large and very well padded. Then there‘s the main compartment, no pocket or anything, just a nice big empty area. On the inside of the lid there’s a mesh pouch. Around the front you have a pocket with a lanyard and various pen holders and mesh pockets. Good for organising passports and so forth.

Another great thing about the bag is the 2 grab handles. On the top there‘s one and there’s also one on the right side of the bag. These are really handy when you take the bag off and when pulling the bag out from under the seat of the plane. Also when picking up the bag from the security checkpoints.

Very useful pocket on the top

Very useful pocket on the top

Now for the things I didn’t like. The clips that hold the strap on are finicky and don’t really feel very strong, although I never had any problems with them I felt they could have somehow been improved. In the Axis V2 and Fleet bag however, they actually have been improved. The other thing I didn’t like is that the bag is a rectangular block, when worn seems to hang over the top. It doesn’t feel like it distributes the weight very well though. The final thing I didn’t like is the straps, they felt thin and not very well padded enough. They quickly became uncomfortable over long periods of wearing the bag.


The flimsy shoulder strap clips

The flimsy shoulder strap clips


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