Joylent Twenny Bar Review

The twenny bar is a solid ‘bar form’ version of the Joylent shake which I did a comparison on before. As the name implies, this bar is designed to cover 20% of your daily calorie intake for 1 day. That means its not quite a complete meal but it is a substantial snack or light brunch. This would best be suited those who are looking for a quick, easy ‘on the go’ type of meal that doesn’t need any preparation.

Joylent Twenny box

Details on the box

Joylent Twenny Bar Review


On the packet they describe a few scenarios in which you could theoretically use this bar. I think the most common would be as a light breakfast replacement. It would also be ideal for commuters to eat while on the train. One place I think it would also be particularly useful would be on budget airlines. Instead of buying their overpriced food you could just take a couple of these bars and be set for the flight. It would also be great during a hike or a snack before dinner.

In terms of how substantial this is as a meal. I found that it kept me full for at least 2 to 2 and a half hours before I started to feel a bit hungry again. That was without doing much activity too, so I can imagine it would keep you feeling full for anywhere between 1 to 3 hours. I think that it is also ideal to be eaten with water because it is just a bit dry and the water helps satisfy the hunger.

Joylent Twenny Bar Banana flavour

Banana flavour


In terms of taste the Joylent Twenny Bar is available currently only in Chocolate and Banana. Both of the flavours are very mild. Much more mild than the Joylent shakes. The Chocolate flavour is slightly powdery, chocoy and oaty but not unpleasant. The Banana flavour is also oaty and slightly doughy with a hint of banana taste. They kind of taste like half baked cookie dough if I were to describe it. The chocolate flavour in particular has the rich, uncooked cookie dough flavour.

This brings me to my next point which is the richness of them. Although its only 20% of your daily needs they are best eaten slowly. When I first got them I ate one as you would eat a muesli bar and towards the end of the bar it was becoming a bit sickly rich and I almost put myself off it. I find if you eat it more slowly and sip water while eating it its much more pleasant and fulfilling


(note: Joylent has informed me that pricing will likely drop if there is enough demand)

Finally the price isn’t exactly cheap for something thats only 20% of the total daily intake. At €10 (AUD$15 USD$11) for a box of 5 they work out to be €2 per bar (AUD$3 USD$2.25). The price doesn’t seem to get cheaper the more you buy either. However what you’re paying for is the convenience of not having to add water and the fact that you can carry them just about everywhere.

Overall I really enjoyed the Twenny bar as an alternative to the shake and I can see its practical uses for those commuting and with limited time. However given its price especially when compared to the shake I think I might stick to the shake version.


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