Today we’re taking a look at the HEROCLIP multipurpose carabiner. I did a previous video about this clip but it was more of a comparison with the fake version of the clip and not a full review of it. So this is going to be a full review of the HEROCLIP in all size variations.

The HEROCLIP comes in 3 sizes starting from the largest which is ‘medium,’ then ‘small’ and ‘mini’. Each size clip has a different maximum weight capacity which is listed at the top of the packet. The ‘medium’ carries a max of 60 lbs (27 kg) the ‘small’ carries a max of 50 lbs (22 kg) and the ‘mini’ a max of 40 lbs (18 kg). Of the three sizes I found myself reaching for the mini version most of the time. I really like the size and pocket-ability of it. The small is also a great size but I found the medium a little bit large for my pocket. The medium feels more like a clip I would use for long term hanging solutions like a bike as in the picture on the packet.

The 3 sizes of HEROCLIP are all available in the basic colours. However each of the sizes have slightly different colours available. It’s worth checking out the HEROCLIP website to see the full selection of colours and even some limited patterned designs like this ‘woodland’ colour that I have here.

In terms of usability these clips are super easy to use and have a near endless amount of use cases limited only by your imagination. The most common for my though was hanging my bag on bathroom doors where there was no hook or the hook was broken. I also found it useful for hanging my toiletry bag in bathrooms without a bench top. While travelling to an island in Thailand I had to switch my sneakers to water shoes. Because there’s no docks on the island and you step directly into the water when you get off. So I used the HEROCLIP to hang my sneakers on the back of my backpack.

So these are just some of the use cases that I came across but there are many more ways to use it. Especially if your bag has daisy chain webbing. Or if you use the clip in conjunction with a strap. Its overall just a very useful and versatile piece of gear to have in your pocket or in your backpack for all those situations where you want to hang a bag or something else.

In terms of price the HEROCLIP ‘medium’ comes in at only USD$19.95 (AUD$28) and the ‘small’ at USD$17.95 (AUD$26) the mini at USD$14.95 (AUD$21). Overall I really like the HEROCLIP especially the mini version. Its lightweight and versatile and will definitely be a mainstay in my packing lists from here on. I’d definitely recommend checking out the HEROCLIP website to see the latest colours available.


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