Grip6 Carbon Fiber Belt Review

Today we’re taking a quick look at the carbon fibre belt by Grip6. The reason I became interested in these belts is because they’re made of carbon fibre which is strong and durable yet lightweight. And since there’s no metal in their construction, they can pass through airport security without needing to be taken off. The nylon part of the belt is also available in several colour options.

For the fit I went with a size 32 which is a size up from my usual pant size of 30 to 31. The fit of the belt is perfect with just enough room for adjustment up or down. I did notice after wearing the belt for a while it develops a kink where you usually wear it. This actually helped me keep a similar comfortable fit so I see it as a plus.

The price is a little high, especially for the carbon fibre version at USD$90 but carbon fibre material is generally fairly expensive. And I knew it would be invaluable to have a belt that isn’t metal that I wouldn’t need to take off at the airport. The wooden buckle (which is painted aluminium) version is a little cheaper at USD$50 and comes in various shades of brown from dark to light.

Overall a really great belt that is perfect for travellers and I’d definitely recommend checking it out if you’re in the market for a new belt. Or especially if you’re looking for a belt that can easily pass airport security.


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