Formal Friday Merino T-shirt Review

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Today we’re taking a look at a merino wool t-shirt from a Finish company called Formal Friday. I was sent this shirt to review by Formal Friday but my thoughts and opinions are my own.

On Formal Fridays website there’s a really great range of colours and weights available for these merino t-shirts. The one I have here is the Mid-weight in ‘Army’ which is a dark olive green. Its 17.5 micron and 156 gsm weight. So it is excellent in summer and even as a base-layer. They also make a heavy-weight version of their shirts that is 195 gsm. Those are great for winter and layering.

The size I have is small. And initially when I got it I was worried it might be too big. This is how it looks unwashed. And this is after a regular wash in the washing machine. The merino shirts from Formal Friday are designed to shrink about a size after washing. So after washing it fits me really nicely. Especially around the arms there’s no flaring which is really great.

The merino wool itself is of really high quality and doesn’t itch at all. However I did feel some slight itchiness from the tag sewn on the back of the neck and a bit from the tag on the inner left side of the shirt. So my only real complaint is that perhaps finding a different method of tagging the shirts would be a huge benefit. Most merino companies print the sizing and information on the shirt as a soft ink transfer.

Overall a really nice and excellent fitting merino wool t-shirt and I’d definitely recommend them if you’re looking to buy a merino garment in the near future. They are high quality and will last for a long time with proper care.


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