Forina Ikea Packing Cubes Review

Today I wanted to do just a really quick review of the Forfina Packing Cube set from Ikea. This set of packing cubes is very affordable at only AUD$13 or USD$9. It comes in a set of 6 cubes that roughly weigh 20grams (or 0.7oz) each. Of the 6 cubes half of them have a mesh top which are great for packing clothing.

During my recent drip I only ended up using about 2 of the cubes. The medium size fit all of my clothing and the small size held all of my electronics and cables. They fit nicely into a backpack without much trouble and the different sizes allow for different stacking and packing methods. You can stack two of the smaller cubes on top of each other for example.

I personally preferred using the non-mesh topped ones for my gear. But I can see how the mesh top would be good for seeing what you have in the bag when you need to quickly grab it. The smaller mesh top bags are great for socks and underwear for example. The small non-mesh top are great for other items like cables or electronics.

Theres only one zip that goes all the way around the cubes and I found this to be quite convenient. The quality of the zips and material felt quite strong and durable and I haven’t had any problems yet. Although if there were any problems or they did break while travelling. You could easily find another Ikea to buy a new set.

Overall a really nice set of packing cubes from Ikea that I would certainly recommend if you’re passing by and Ikea. Especially for the price they’re very affordable and conveniently sized and useful for all your organisational needs.


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