Forclaz Toiletry Bag Review

Today I wanted to do a quick review of the Forclaz Toiletry Bag. I picked this up at Decathlon for AUD$12 (which is USD$8.50 GBP8). This is a pretty good price for such a neat and lightweight organizer for toiletries or electronics. When I first bought it I intended to use it as an electronics/cables organizer. However I decided to try it as a toiletry bag and see how it felt.

The construction seems really good and I love the blue nylon material. It’s a lovely iridescent blue colour thats kind of blue/green. It has 2 smaller mesh pockets at the top and one larger mesh pocket at the bottom and a roll closure with adjustable strap. Its advertised as a toiletry bag but the funny thing is I had trouble fitting my toothbrush into it. It’s just slightly too narrow. A standard toothbrush will fit into the bottom pocket on an angle though. But you have to stretch the elastic mesh to fit it in snugly. 

Personally I prefer a toiletry bag that stands up on its own like this Sea to Summit ‘see pouch’ that I’ve been using as my toiletry bag for years. However I know some people like a hanging toiletry bag and I haven’t really tried it until now. The Forclaz bag doesn’t have a built in hook, it just has a buckle that can be buckled around towel racks or other areas in the bathroom if you want to hang it. I found that I could get more hanging areas while using a heroclip like this. Even after testing I think I still personally prefer the self standing toiletry bag.

So after testing it as a toiletry bag I decided to load my electronics and cables into it to see how it would fare as an electronics organizer. I actually preferred this method of use for the bag most. The small dongles and cables can be separated from the larger electronics and charging bricks in the bag. It still is able to roll up and clip shut even fully packed with electronics inside. The 3 organizational pockets also help to keep things in place while you’re fishing for a cable. Whereas a single pouch full of electronics, things can often slip out, like when I use my ikea packing cube.

Overall a great little organizational bag that you can use for toiletries or electronics or cables and I’d recommend checking it out if you’re in the market for a super lightweight and nice looking organizational bag


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