EVO Shaver Review

Today we’re taking a look at the brand new Evo Shaver from Micronovelty. I previously reviewed their Evo Travel adapter (click the card in the top right to see that). This time they’ve made the worlds smallest USB-C rechargeable travel shaver. You can click the link in the description to back this project on indiegogo and help them to launch the product. 

Now Micronovelty did send me a production sample of the product for this review but my thoughts and opinions are my own. My first impression while unboxing this was just how small and compact is it. In the box you get the shaver and a charging cable. A nice little carry bag and a little brush to clean the shaver with. In the production packaging I imagine you’d get some instruction and a branded box too.

The shaver feels nice in the hand and is smooth and easy to operate. It has just a single on/off power button which you press and hold for a few seconds to lock or unlock it from ‘safety’ mode. The safety mode makes it not switch on while its in your pocket or bag. Pressing and holding for a few seconds then turns on the shaver and you can use it.

I know I don’t have very thick or course facial hair so it didn’t have to work hard for me when I used it. But it did a great job and felt very smooth in my use. Its also smaller and lighter than this battery powered Panasonic shaver I bought in Japan a few years ago. Although some people might prefer having replaceable batteries over a non-replacable rechargeable battery like thats in this Evo shaver.

When it comes to cleaning, this shaver comes with a little brush and the top does come off when you unscrew it. The top section can be rinsed under water but the main part of the shaver itself isn’t water proof so I’d just use the brush for that part. 

Overall a really nice compact and packable shaver that does a great job or even for touchup shaves on the go. I would certainly recommend it for anyone looking for a travel shaver especially one that has USB-C. 


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