Etsy Linen Travel Towel Review

Today we’re taking a look at LinenFiesta linen travel towel from Etsy. This is often recommended as a more affordable alternative to the Outlier Linen towel which I also reviewed earlier. Click the card in the top right to see that one. I did buy this entirely with my own money and links are down below if you’re interested in checking it out.

On the Linen Fiesta Etsy store this towel comes in 3 sizes. I ordered the smallest 55cm x 85cm (which is 22″ by 33″). It is quite light at 140g (5oz) and reasonably compact, about the same size as the Sea to Summit pocket towel when rolled up. Unfortunately though this size isn’t enough to fully wrap around the waist like I can with my airlite towel which is the smallest and lightest towel Ive tried yet. You can see my review of that by clicking the card in the top right. In my testing I haven’t notice any odours while using it and it does dry very quickly. Not quite as quick as the airlite towel but much quicker than a cotton one.

Comparing the size of this linen towel to the outlier towel, the outlier towel is the biggest. And currently outlier doesn’t offer smaller sizes of their linen towels. Linenfiesta offer a large range of sizes and colours. I have the smallest in the ‘grey’ colour. These towels also come with what they call a ‘travel belt’ which is just a nylon strap with a clip. From the pictures I had assumed this clip was attached to the towel, but it isn’t. So it is potentially very easy to lose.

In terms of use, its very similar to the outlier towel, the material feels very similar and its hard to tell the difference between them. But if I look very closely I feel like the outlier material is slightly thicker and higher quality but without looking its hard to tell the difference. The outlier towel is more convenient and better for using as a towel due to the larger size its quicker to dry off with. However the smaller size of the linen fiesta towel doesn’t make it any less absorbent. But it is a little more work drying off with the smaller sized towel. Especially since its too small to wrap all the way around your body. But simply buying the larger size up would solve that problem.

The price is reasonable, the small one I bought for AUD$39 (US$28) but I notice the price has gone up to AU$49 (US$37) since I ordered mid last year. The price is overall less expensive than the outlier towel. The outlier towel is 36×55″ (91x140cm) and costs US$75 while the Linenfiesta is 33×55 (85x140cm) and costs US$48. So you’re saving roughly half the cost. But they do seem to be the same material, both from Lithuania and both 200gsm weigh material. The linen fiesta shipping time was rather slow though, and took just over a month or so to arrive to me in Australia. While outliers shipping is faster.

Overall a great option if you’re looking for a smaller and more travel friendly sized linen towel and Id certainly recommend checking it out if you’re in the market for a new travel towel.


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