Erazor Review

Today we’re taking a look at a new kickstarter project called the Erazor. Its a small portable usb-c rechargeable travel shaver with ceramic blades. I did review a very similar looking shaver last year from MicroNovelty called the Evo shaver. This one differs from that one by having ceramic blades though.

In the box you get the erazor, a type-c charging cable, a soft travel pouch and a cleaning brush. This comes at a launch price of about USD$79 but depending which tier you choose in the kickstarter you can get it starting at USD$49 if you get in early.

I’ve been testing this erazor for the past few weeks and have found it to be very compact and easy to use. The usb-c charging is very useful as I have many devices that charge with this cable making charging very easy. There is a rubber flap over the charging port though which is a bit finicky to get open, its a bit annoying and requires you to either have long nails or use tweezers. I think they should just remove this part of the razor but I guess it has something to do with keeping it waterproof.

Speaking of waterproof, its IPx7 waterproof which means you can rinse it off under water. I personally found using the included brush easier for dusting out the extra hairs though. And just running the removable blade head under water. The ceramic blades are resistant to rusting too so you have have piece of mind while rinsing it out.

I don’t have particularly thick or dense facial hair but I found it did a reasonable job of removing the hair and leaving a smooth shave. Its not as baby smooth as when I use a traditional double-edge razor, but its not designed to be. This is designed for speed and convenience. And it certainly delivers in this area. Its small and portable enough to be able to be used anywhere and it only takes a few minutes to get a smooth shave out of it without needing to lather up shaving soap.

So for me I think this is a great travel shaver or even just one to keep nearby when you need to have a quick shave and get going in a very quick amount of time. Its available on kickstarter and I would certainly recommend checking it out.


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