Dyplay Urban Traveller Review

Today I wanted to do a quick review of the Dyplay Urban Traveller Noise Cancelling Headphones. Dyplay sent me these for review but my opinions and thoughts are my own. So starting from aesthetics of these headphones I quite like the grey colour although I do wish they came in black (they only come in grey and sometimes red depending on the market).

These headphones have quite a nice set of features for such an affordable price. In USD they’re $66 and in Australia they’re $89. This is a fraction of the price of a pair of Bose or Sony noise cancelling headphones. The Dyplay have active noise cancelling, Aux input to allow you to use the headphones wired if you want to. A long lasting, roughly 20 hour battery. Buttons on the back for volume and power. They are missing a few features though. For example they don’t allow multi device seamless play. Where you would connect to a laptop and a phone and depending which devices plays it streams to the headphones. But neither do the Sony headphones.

In terms of actual noise cancelling performance compared to the Sonys, I would say these Dyplay headphones cancel about 80% of noise. I can still hear sounds around me but at such a low level that you don’t notice it. The main feature and difference between these and a pair of more expensive Sony headphones is that the Dyplay headphones don’t have an ‘ambient sound’ option. This is where you can head outside sounds in the headphones but still hear the music at the same time. This is something I really wish they had but is a premium feature not often found on lower end headphones.

For the quality of the audio of these headphones I would say its quite good. I’m not an audiophile but I could hardly tell the difference between these and the Sony headphones. One thing that actually did surprise me about these headphones is how good the built in microphone is. Its a little quiet but the quality is no muffled like on the Sony headphones. So these would be great for video and audio calls.

In terms of comfort I found them to be as comfortable as the Sony headphones I reviewed before. They have a good level of adjustability and my ears didn’t feel restricted or sweaty while wearing them. These headphones also fold up and can be packed fairly easily into a backpack. Theres also an included carry case but it feel a little bulky to carry in this way.

Overall a nice affordable set of noise cancelling headphones that will give you a decent level of active noise cancelling and decent audio quality. They’re comfortable and easy to pack. If you’re in the market for a set of headphones I’d recommend checking them out.


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