Dyplay Noise Cancelling Headphones (Updated 2019 Version)

Today we’re taking a look at the Dyplay Noise Cancelling Bluetooth headphones 2019 updated version. I did previously review the older model which is these white ones here. Let’s take a look at what’s new and if these will be suitable for you.

Taking a look in the box you get a charging cable, aux jack for plugging the headphones into a headphone jack. And a soft carry pouch. This is a little different from the older model. Where the older model have you a hard carry case. But still its nice to get all these extras in the box.

So taking a look at what’s new compared to the older model here. First thing is that its now in a nice black and red colour theme, which I really like. They now have dual-mic noise cancelling which improves the effectiveness of the noise cancelling. The audio quality is improved and supports AptX low latency and AAC audio codecs. I’m not a huge audiophile so to me I can just tell that it sounds a bit more crisp and clear.

The noise cancelling doesn’t have an option for letting outside noise in either like the Sony headphones have. This is a feature I did miss because I often like to be able to hear the outside noise in some situations. Like on a plane or train to hear the announcements. I feel like the microphone on these new ones too is not as good as the older versions microphones. So thats something to note too.

The battery is also improved with a new longer 22 hour play time without noise cancelling. And up to 12 hours with noise cancelling switched on. The headphones have a 5 minute auto power off when you’re not using them too which is actually kind of annoying in some situations. When I was watching a YouTube video then stopped to do something else it disconnected. It seems that keeping the noise cancelling switch on though keeps the headphones on. And this also caused a problem when I forgot to switch the noise cancelling off, the battery went flat. So just be sure to remember to switch off the noise cancelling switch.

The padding and cushioning are also improved and I found wearing these much more comfortable than the older model. Finally these have bluetooth 5.0 which provides higher quality streaming and a transmission distance of 10 meters. I did notice though, that it doesn’t have multi-device support. So it would connect to my phone and computer but the audio didn’t automatically switch to whichever device was playing which is a bit annoying.

Finally they come in at US$99 (AU$149) which is a pretty good price for full featured noise cancelling headphones. A lot more affordable than the Sony or Bose options but still have a lot of the same great features.


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