Dosh RFID Aero Wallet review

The Dosh RFID aero wallet is a super durable, water resistant and RFID protected wallet that fits all international currencies. Although it’s not so much a wallet as it is more of a glorified money clip. It doesn’t have any pouches for notes it instead had a clip to slide the notes into. There is also space to slot in up to 6 cards.

This thing is super tough. It’s made from a 100% recycled polymer material which makes it water resistant too. Although it looks like it’s made from a hard plastic it’s actually fairly malleable and can be flexed quite a bit. In terms of how secure the money clip is for holding notes I would say it’s very secure. I haven’t had any notes fly out. In fact it actually takes quite a bit of effort to slide the notes into the clip in the first place. The same is true for the card slots. The plastic for the card slots is more firm and so each slot only holds one card. The cards sit at roughly the same level when the wallet is full and I actually found it a bit hard to get the middle and rear cards out of the wallet when needed.

Another downside to this wallet is the thickness and bulk of it when it’s fully loaded. The front and back are on their own quite thick. I’m not sure if this is to accommodate the RFID shielding or not but it makes the thickness add up when you start to insert cards and cash into it. Although to be fair I am more of a front pocket, non-bi fold wallet kind of guy so maybe that’s the reason it felt a bit bulkier to me. The final bad point about this wallet to me as a light traveller is the heft of it. It’s not a light wallet, even while empty it weighs around 600g or so which is definitely noticeable when compared to some of the other wallets I’ve reviewed recently.

Fully loaded Dosh wallet

Fully loaded Dosh wallet

Lets look at some of the good points about this wallet. The main one is that is has built in RFID shielding which is great for those who are fanatic about keeping their info secure. Although I really wish there was an external, non shielded card slot where you could put a transport card. So often I have to remove my transport cards from the wallet to touch them against the terminal and then put it back in again. Another great thing about this wallet is that is supports currencies of all sizes so you won’t have any money sticking out of the top or bottom of the wallet. The final positive point about this wallet is that it looks really sleek. It’s very futuristic and also comes in a wide variety of colours to suit everyone’s taste.

Overall I didn’t like this wallet/money clip quite as much as some other front pocket wallets but that is just because I like to keep my cards and cash in a non folding thin front pocket type wallet rather than a bi fold. I also don’t feel that RFID is a huge deal to me personally however I would love to see a partially RFID wallet that could be used for separating bank and travel cards so they could be used through the wallet at the train station. If you are in the market for a new wallet I would certainly recommend checking out the range of wallets and money clips from Dosh.


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