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Coconut Oil for Travel

Coconut oil has a lot of useful properties that make it a great ‘all in one’ for travel. Unfortunately its usually only sold in glass jars which aren’t particularly travel friendly. So I decided to put it into a plastic tube and see how it held up. You can do this DIY by buying tubes online and transferring the coconut oil yourself. There are a few commercially available coconut oil in tube available on amazon here.

Unfortunately one of the downsides to using coconut oil in a tube is that if the temperature drops the coconut oil becomes solid. The easiest solution to this is just to run it under warm water for a few minutes to soften the oil. This also causes the lid to get clogged with hardened oil but again, running it under warm water can fix that.

So what are some of the uses for travel? Given coconut oils naturally antibacterial properties it works great as a moisturiser, hair gel, anti dandruff, pre/post shave oil, sunburn treatment. I usually use it as a hair product and moisturiser. Previously I used Lucas paw paw ointment which has similar naturally antimicrobial properties.

More information and uses for coconut oil can be found on Her Packing List. If you have any other uses for coconut oil, especially during travel let me know in the comments.


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