Chums Surfshorts Wallet Review

Today we’re taking a look at the Chums Surfshorts Wallet. As soon as I saw this wallet I knew it would be a great travel wallet. Especially for countries where cash payments are still the main form of payment. The zippered pockets make for great coin pockets too, which I’ll get into in more detail later in the review.

The Chums Surfshorts Wallet is so named mainly because its made from the same material as surfing shorts. It is a slightly misleading name though because I originally assumed it was a totally waterproof wallet. But that isn’t the case. Its somewhat water resistant but water will quickly penetrate into the wallet through the seams and zippers if it is exposed to water. 

The wallet comes in a wide variety of colours and various styles too, with and without an ID window. I have the grey with and ID window but I also like the olive green version. It has two zippered compartments. The first one gives access to the ID window and there’s a divider between the ID window. I used the ID window side for all of my cards and the other side of the divider for coins. On the other side of the wallet is another zippered pocket but just one large compartment with no divider. I used this size for cash notes. The size is quite small though so notes will need to be folded in half once or twice to fit in. The wallet expands a surprising amount and I was able to fit quite a lot of notes folded into the pocket with coins and cards on the other side. 

There’s also a quick access pocket on the opposite side of the ID window side of the wallet. I used this to store a transport card. But it has a key ring on a tether in the pocket which you can use for storing keys. So I used this to store room keys of the rooms I was staying in over the course of my travels. It’s a great little setup and I found it comfortable even when fully packed with keys, notes and cards.

The price of the wallet is just USD$9.99 (AUD$14) which is ridiculously cheap for such a nice little versatile wallet. It feels well made but there paint on the zippers has already started to chip off after only a few weeks of use. Overall a great wallet especially for travelling to countries with coins. And I’d definitely suggest checking it out if you’re in the market for a new wallet. 


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