Bug Grrr Off Review

‘Bug Grrr Off’ insect repellent which is a totally natural DEET free repellent made in Australia. I tested this during my trip to Thailand and mainly on the island of Koh Lipe. The last time I travelled to that island I was bitten all over by mosquito when I didnt wear enough repellent and they even bit through clothing.

I’m pleased to say that this repellent worked as advertised and it repelled mosquitoes for several hours. It claims to provide 6+ hours of protection but I can’t say for sure whether it was fully 6 hours. I reapplied when necessary and made sure to get an even coverage on my arms legs and neck.

In terms of its fragrance, its a very spicy herbal scent with pine undertones. Its quite pleasant and has a slight warming effect when applied. The smell definitely becomes gradually less strong once applied which is good. Applying the repellent is easy as its in a liquid roll on form. Just roll it over the areas you want to protect and then rub it in with your hands to evenly spread it.

The price is quite reasonable too. Its around $15 for a 90ml roll on tube which would last quite a while. I used it every day during my trip and several days in Bangkok and its still more than half full.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a good natural insect repellent that is easy to apply and actually works then I’d definitely recommend ‘bug grrr off’. I just wish they would also offer a solid stick version as it would be more travel friendly.


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