BlitzWolf BW-S11 Review

Today we’re taking a quick hands on/ review of the Blitzwolf BW-S11 which is a 30 watt type-c power delivery charging brick with quick charge 3.0. 15% off coupon code for the P6 (powerbank): 15BWP6

When I initially saw images of this charger I kind of assumed it also doubled as a powerbank which could be used to charge phones or laptops while not plugged in. However it is more of an ‘all in one’ charging brick which theoretically replaces the need to bring multiple electronics chargers.

For example I could bring only this BW-S11 with my on a trip and use it to charge my USB-C enabled smartphone or my macbook directly with a USB-C cable. There’s a regular USB-a output too so you can charge up to quick charge 3 speeds with it. You can use both ports at the same time too. It has a very high build quality and it feels very durable.

In my testing I’ve mainly been using the usb-a port with a wireless charger and also as a charger for my macbook pro. In both cases it worked perfectly and there were no problems that I experienced. As a charger for my macbook though I did notice it charged more slowly than with the regular macbook pro 61w brick. So it’s about half the speed but also includes an extra USB out to charge an additional device.

Overall a great charging adapter and a terrific price with great build quality too. I would absolutely suggest checking this out especially if you are looking for more of an ‘all in one’ charging solution.


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