Blitzwolf BW-ANC5 Review

Today we’re talking a look at the BW ANC5 noise cancelling headphones from blitzwolf. I was sent theses to review by Banggood and they’ve provided me with some coupons you can use to get a discount on purchasing these.

Discount code: BGd07671

Starting off with the design, they are quite modern looking and have a nice matte finish. They feel high quality when you hold and wear them too. On the left ear you get a mode button and on the right the volume up a power mode button and volume down button. There’s also a headphone jack to plug these in wired if you prefer not to use Bluetooth or if they run out of battery.

I must admit that it took me a while to figure out how to turn these headphones on. Because I’m used to my Sony headphones that have a power button on the left headphone , I spent a long time pressing the left mode button wondering why it didn’t turn on. Well it turns out the power button is the middle button on the right side. A little less intuitive of a location in my mind.

In terms of comfort these are not quite a full ear surrounding headphone. It feels like they kind of sit just at the edge of the ears and so I didn’t find them quite as comfortable as my Sony headphones. The top headband is quite comfortable and about the same as the Sony again. These blitzwolf headphones also have an ear sensor like the Sonys so it will automatically pause music when you take them off. But something I noticed is they don’t seem to have an auto off. At least not within 5 minutes. They remained on when I took them off which could drain battery if not careful. Another thing to note is that these headphones don’t fold and so the case they come in is a little bigger than the Sony one. The blitzwolf does come with the safe cables as Sony does too though. A charging cable, 3.5mm plug and an airline adapter. So these would be great for travelling in a plane.

In terms of noise cancelling they do a pretty good job. Certainly not quite as good as the Sony but quite good. It works best when it’s playing some sounds to cancel the outside sound. When not playing any music or sound the outside sounds don’t sound quite as compressed. These headphones also do have a transparency mode to let outside sounds in which is one of my favourite features of the Sony headphones.

The microphone on these is quite good and can be useful for phone calls in a pinch. There is also no way to know the battery percent unless the device you’re connected to shows that. The iPhone and androids will display this info. But the Sony headphones have a useful function where you can tap the power button once to get an estimate of the battery percent left. So that’s something Id like to see on a future model of these headphones.

The price on these is currently USD$115 but with the coupon from Banggood listed below you can get USD$55 off the price bringing it to around USD$60. Which overall I think is a great price for these these. They are an excellent noise cancelling headphone to consider if your budget won’t stretch to a Sony or Bose which are both better in a few important areas for travelling like size and noise cancelling. But these do a good job and have a nice clear sound with pretty good bass response.


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