Packing Tips: Best Travel Wallet

Today I wanted to introduce “front pocket” or “slim” wallets. These wallets make an ideal travel wallet. They differ from normal wallets in that they are non-folding wallets. This allows the design of the wallets to be much thinner than your traditional trifold.  As the name “front pocket wallet” suggests, these wallets are primarily made for the front pocket. Be it the front pocket of your trousers or your shirt pocket. The reason I believe these are the best wallets for travelling is because when you go to a crowded night market or take the subway in a foreign country your fat back pocket wallet will likely be an easy target for pickpockets. Keeping you wallet in the front pocket where you can keep you hands on it at all times is a sure way to increase your wallets safety. Also because it’s thin, it will be less obvious in your pocket.

Currently I have two slim wallets from two separate companies and I’ll give you a bit of a comparison between the two. You may be wondering why I have two. The simple reason is that I like to switch between the two wallets depending on the country. I will also go into more detail about managing money in a later post, but I also keep a spare wallet to use one as a kind of pick pocket decoy.

 The first one is from a company called Slimmy. They make a range of slim wallets with slightly different designs and even an international version (which has slightly larger dimensions to fit some of the larger currencies). The version I have is the original one and I do have trouble with some currencies sticking out the top so I would recommend the international version over the original. The slimmy wallets design is interesting, it has stitches across two of the 4 sides leaving a larger opening for slipping the money and cards in. The stitched corner grips the money and cards quite securely and the contents don’t move even when the wallet is shaken around. It can fit several cards and cash before becoming too bloated. One thing I dont like about the slimmy is that the corner edges of the wallet are quite sharp and it can be uncomfortable in your pocket at times.

 The second wallet that I use more often is the Saddleback front pocket wallet. Its edges are rounded and its more comfortable in the pocket. However the design is also a bit different. It has stitching on 3 sides and the opening is quite small. Often its hard to get certain paper notes stuffed in the top quick enough, I find myself spending a few extra seconds longer after receiving change at the cash register. It has space for around 4 cards however if you dont mind stretching the leather a bit, you could fit two cards in each slot but I don’t recommend that. Overall this is my favourite of the two wallets however sometimes, depending on the countries currency I will switch between the two wallets.

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