Bellroy WorkPack Review

Today we’re taking a look at the new Transit Workpack from Bellroy. This is or was originally listed as a 23L backpack but on Bellroy’s site they have updated the information to indicate that it is in fact a 20L backpack. This make it very similar in size and function to the Minnal Daily 3.0 backpack which I did a hands on with previously.
I did buy this bag with my own money and my thoughts an opinions are my own.

Starting off with the aesthetics of the bag. I think it looks quite nice and I like the look of the aquaguard zips used around the bag. This also makes it quite water resistant although not fully waterproof, so I wouldn’t suggest using it in heavy rain. Bellroy’s products have a certain athletic that I think you’ll either like or not. I personally like the aesthetic of Bellroy’s leather wallets and pouches but I don’t like the bag design quite as much. The sustainably sourced leather accents and zipper pulls although high quality look and feel less so.

The zips are also not very smooth to open or close. Although they may become smoother after ‘breaking them in’. Taking a look around the bag you’ll find a lot of nice little pockets for storing different items. The top has a small and shallow pocket for sunglasses or earphones. Each side has a ‘hidden’ water bottle/storage pocket that expands into the main compartment of the bag. Theres a front pocket which inside has a few more storage pouches. The water bottle pockets weren’t the easiest to access or put a bottle into but its great that they include two, one on each side.

At the back is a narrow laptop pocket, which is designed only to be used while the bag is standing upright. Inside the laptop compartment is also one more compartment that is suitable for storing cables or charging bricks. The good thing about the laptop pocket is that its nicely felt lined and very soft and well padded. It also does have a ‘false bottom’ so that the laptop is protected.

Inside the main compartment you get an additional mesh pocket on the inner flap and a mesh divider. Inside this main compartment you can also see the outer pockets and how they pack into the main compartment. You can see the laptop compartment zip through the main compartment too which is an interesting design choice. The main compartment is quite spacious and I was able to pack a full load out in this bag with a little room to spare for more.

This bag is also quite lightweight for its size and materials at 848g (1.87lbs). The back of the bag has some nice padding but no channel for sweat or breathability. The straps also are quite comfortable and well padded but there’s no extra features on them. No sternum strap or anywhere to clip a carabiner. There is no side grab handles either and the straps cannot be tucked away. Also I noticed the straps can loosen themselves quite easily as you can see here.

Overall, I think this bag is well designed and quite comfortable for its intended purpose which is as a work bag or a school bag. It also comes in a 3 other interesting colours. For its price of USD$199 (AUD$275) I think its actually quite good value and feels very well made and it will last for a long time. Its just unfortunately not quite as versatile as the Minaal Daily 3.0 which has a sternum strap and the laptop compartment can be accessed from top or side and it has a side grab handle as well as straps that can be tucked away.


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