Bellroy Elements Travel Wallet Review

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been testing out the Bellroy Elements Travel wallet. This is a premium leather wallet designed for the ‘active’ traveller who needs to keep his stuff secure no matter what the weather. It’s made of a water resistant leather (that smells great) and features a durable water resistant zipper to keep the ‘elements’ out. Everything about this wallet screams premium, from the unboxing to the premium feel and design. It comes packed in a really nice recycled cardboard pouch which also includes a spare ink cartridge for the mini pen.

This wallet holds 4 cards comfortably however there is room to squeeze in many more as needed. On the left side you have a sleeve for folded currency and a nano sim card holder as well as another small pocket for a key. Beside the sim slot is a longer smaller pocket for a sim tray ejector pin. The right side of the wallet has a sleeve for your passport and behind that is another pouch for keeping coins, airline tickets, receipts or boarding passes. One of my favourite parts about this wallet is the tiny little pen that is housed in its own little slot in the middle of the wallet.


When you first open this wallet you’ll find a nice little passport sized notebook inside. The notebook includes a small world map and some pictures showing you suggestions on how to use the pockets of the wallet. The back page includes a small number of phrases in other languages too. In addition you get several blank grid lined pages to use as you wish.

So how does this wallet hold up in real life? I have found that it certainly is water resistant and no matter how much water I poured on it, it did not permeate the wallet’s contents. I left it out in the rain, buried it in sand and no matter what you throw at it the contents are unharmed. The wallets leather still looks and smells new too. However despite the leathers strong durability and water resistance there is still a tiny gap at the top where the zip stops. This gap could potentially let sand or water into the wallet and compromise its water resistance if submerged.


This wallet is not without its flaws though. While it is a nice compact size to fit in jacket pockets and the back pocket of pants but it really feels far too bulky for a front pocket. Also due to the compact size of the wallet you will need to fold immigration cards and boarding passes at least once or more to fit them into the wallet safely. If you don’t tuck the folded paper into a pouch it is at risk of getting ripped from the zip as you zip closed the wallet. The zippers pull tag doesn’t lay flat against the wallet either, which makes it a little awkward at times. Finally the price is a little bit expensive for most people but at the end of the day this is a super premium wallet and it’s well worth the price.

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  • Little large/bulky
  • Zip tag doesn’t lay flat
  • Need to fold flight tickets
  • Price $159.95 AUD (USD $139, EURO €99)
  • Zip may rip paper inside


  • Fits in pocket
  • Includes pen (and refill)
  • Water resistant
  • Looks good
  • Includes notebook

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