Baabuk Sky Wooler Review

Today we’re taking a look at the Sky Wooler wool sneakers from a Swiss brand called Baabuk. These sneakers are made in Portugal and I have here the size EU43 and in the black edition colour. The lovely people at Baabuk did send me these for a review but my thoughts and opinions are my own.

Lets start with the fit and feel. I previously reviewed a pair of similar wool sneakers from Allbirds and in those I wear a size 10. Which I believe is a US10 and according to Baabuks site the EU43 corresponds to a US10 so the sizing is similar. I also wear size US9.5/10 in Nike sneakers and US10 in my Adidas sneakers. The Allbirds have a slightly spongier sole and is more contoured and angled. Whereas these Baabuk shoes have more of a traditional converse-like rubber sneaker sole that’s much flatter and less moulded. This means that, at least to me, the allbirds feel slightly more comfortable when you first put them on because of the shape and sponginess. But that these Baabuk take a little bit of time to break in. And after wearing them for a few weeks they have become more and more comfortable as they’ve broken in more.

These Baabuk shoes are a bit thicker and more padded too because I believe that this line, the ‘sky wooler’ is designed as more of a winter shoe. And thus more adapted to cooler weather. And since it has been winter here in Australia during my review I have been able to test it in temperatures down to about 6 degrees Celsius (42 Fahrenheit). I think they would be comfortable and warm for a fairly wide range of temperature, especially if you pair it with a nice pair of merino wool socks.

Now these shoes aren’t really waterproof nor water resistant. You can see water will soak in. But they should dry reasonably quickly and because they’re made of wool they’ll be naturally antimicrobial. Which means they won’t smell bad even after wearing them all day.

These shoes come with an interesting elastic lacing system too. Which makes it very easy, quick and convenient to slip on and off yet still remain feeling secure and comfortable. The grip on the bottom of these is also better than the Allbirds. The allbirds grip is nearly smooth and wears out quickly, and I have felt like I slipped a lot more in the Allbirds. These Baabuk though have a nice traditional rubber grip much like old converse shoes that I have felt to be much more grippy in more situations.

Finally the cost is 119 euro (about $190 AUD or $140 USD) and that is a little more than the similar allbirds shoe. But I feel like these are of a higher quality, and use a thicker wool and I feel like these would last longer and remain in good shape. Whereas my Allbirds have lost a lot of the shape and look quite ugly.

Overall I think these are a great pair of wool sneakers that would make a warm and comfortable addition to a winter outfit. They’re well made, durable and come in many colours and designs. If it were to be your only pair of shoes for travel I might go with the less winter focused pair. But they do have many styles to choose from, so I’d recommend checking them out.


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