Aviator Carbon Fiber Wallet Review

Today we’re taking a quick look at the Carbon Fiber slim front pocket wallet from a German company called Aviator. This is a rigid wallet that fits several cards inside and has an elastic slot on the front for cash notes. It also has a nice hidden coin tray that fits several coins inside. In my testing I found it difficult to get notes in and out of the elastic band though. Coins were easy to access but overall I found it best to use with cards only. 

In the box they do also include a screwdriver and extra screws which is nice. This is so you can take the wallet a part and loosen or tighten the elastic loops. I kept it as factory standard though. And even without any cards in the wallet still found the elastic quite tight. However I think this may become more manageable over time as it wear in. This wallet is quite expensive at US$95 but it is made in Germany and is cheaper than the similarly designed Ridge wallet that is quite often reviewed online. 

Overall I think its a great high quality wallet that I personally would use more for cards but being a hard rigid wallet I probably wouldn’t choose it over my favourite Chums wallet for travelling. 


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