Aussielent Ready To Drink Review

Aussielent’s ‘ready to drink’ is a meal replacement shake. This ‘ready to drink’ shake is different from the Aussielent powder in that it comes premixed and in a bottle of its own. It comes in packs of 12 for AUD$49 (USD$36) however there is a flat $9.90 shipping on both the 12 pack and the $5 one day sampler. Which means that those wanting to try this need to pay a rather hefty $14.90 for just 1 sample bottle.

In terms of the texture this ‘ready to drink’ is smooth. I have heard people complain that the powdered version of Aussielent is ‘a bit grainy’ but they fixed it with this version. It is completely and utterly smooth. It’s not too thick either, about the consistency of soy milk. Another similarity it shares with soy milk is the taste. Although it has a slight hint of vanilla I would say that it’s quite flavourless which makes it a good base to add flavouring too if you wanted. I tried adding some cold brew coffee to half a bottle which watered down the mix a bit but did taste quite nice.

Aussielent Ready to Drink

12 pack Aussielent Ready to Drink

One bottle of this Aussielent ready to drink kept me full for at least 3 to 4 hours. This is because each bottle contains 25% of your daily intake. This also means that 1 box of 12 would last only 3 days if you were to drink 4 per day. I personally found it best as a breakfast replacement but it would also work well for commuters.

Finally the cost. This ‘ready to drink’ shake is fairly pricey when you compare it to the powdered versions of Aussielent. At around $5 per meal/bottle for the ‘ready to drink’ bottle and $3.5 for the powder. Of course these prices get lower the more of the powder you buy but as yet the bottles don’t get any bulk discount. Overall I think this aussielent is a very smooth and tasty ‘ready to drink’ soylent shake. However its price is a bit steep especially given the shipping, so I think I’ll be sticking with the powdered version for now.


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