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[April 2017] 6kg (13lbs) Packing List

This is the packing list from my recent trip to China in April 2017. I stayed just over 2 weeks however I am confident that the items I carried would have been able to carry me much longer. If I were going to stay over the winter I would have taken the ultralight down jacket too however this trip was during the early spring so the temperatures didn’t get too cold. One main difference this time around was that I took a mirrorless camera (Panasonic GX85) and 3 lenses. This camera kit added about 1kg (2lbs) to the total pack weight.

I got a lightweight jacket from Uniqlo which I’ll be reviewing and I also tried out a new backpack also from Uniqlo called the 3-way-bag which I’ll be doing a more in depth review on a bit later.

Bag: Uniqlo 3 Way Bag [500 g (1.10 lbs)]

Tweezers$15Surface Pro 3$569Nike Free 4.0$50
Nail Clippers$11Collapsible Water Bottle$10Outlier Merino co/pivot$175
Deodorant$10.502x usb to micro cables
$7.40Outlier Slim Dungarees$198
Plastic Safety Razor$12.95Noise Cancelling Earphones$44Outlier New Way Shorts$120
Tooth Powder$7.58Packing Cube$10.95Wilderness Wear Merino T-shirt$99
Tooth Brush$8.55Universal Travel Adapter$362x Darn Tough Wool Socks$13
Muhle Shave brush$72Saddleback wallet$693x Uniqlo Airism Boxer Briefs$9.90
Speick Shave stick$7Slimmy wallet$45Merino Wool Buff$22
Pocket Towel$24Small Padlock$171x Uniqlo Dry-EX Jacket$45
Soap/Shampoo$12.958L Dry Bag$24
Styptic Pencil$4.50Day Bag$32
Panasonic GX85 Camera$700
Panasonic 20mm Lens$270
Olympus 40-145mm Lens$150
Tenba Tool Box 4 (travel case)$27

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