Allett Wallets Review

Today we’re taking a look at the Allett wallets which are a line of wallets made in the USA. They’re made from a slim and durable nylon material and remind me of the Chums Surfshorts wallet I reviewed a while ago.

Allett wallets do come in a range of materials though, including more traditional leather styles. The ones I’m looking at here are all the slim and lightweight nylon versions. The one Ive been using the most is the red sport wallet. It comes in 4 different colours but I thought the red looked interesting. It has a simple note area and space for 2 cards on either side.

The Card holder wallet has RFID protection and space for up to 6 cards and still remains slim even when packed out with cards. The coin holder wallet is one that I think would be best suited for travel. It has 2 areas for notes and receipts decided in half with a divider. Inside is space for 2 cards on either side and on the back is a zippered coin pocket for coins. Which is very handy while travelling because many countries heavily rely on coin usage.

Overall some really nice wallets that are very suitable for travel and I’d definitely recommend checking them out if you’re in the market for a new travel wallet or even just a new wallet in general.


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