Allbirds Wool Runners Review

I had been wanting to test these allbirds ‘wool runners’ since I first hear about them years ago. However they originally only shipped to NZ and USA. Fortunately shipping opened up to Australia within the last couple of months and I got a pair just after Christmas.

So I have been wearing these shoes to work where I do a lot of standing and walking. In terms of comfort they are very nice to wear. I have found that they’re very breathable and lightweight as you would expect with wool. This means that they’re also quite suitable to wear without socks. Although I mostly wore socks with them.

The wool is quite thick and although it does not repel water they do dry quickly even if they were to get wet. But I would have liked to see some kind of hydrophobic coating to better repel water.

In terms of pricing they are pretty expensive, at $95 usd (or $140 Australian) although this pricing is comparable to some nike running shoes. But I wouldn’t suggest running in these allbirds. They’re running shoes in name only.

Which brings me to some of the negatives. The grip on the shoes is fairly limited and on wet surfaces can be slippery. Due to the wool construction the shoes also don’t retain a lot of the shape over wear as they get more pliable. My final complaint about these shoes is that they initially did not offer a black upper and white sole version. However they are now offering a version with a black upper and ‘light grey’ sole so I guess that is satisfactory.

Overall a nice pair of shoes that are comfortable and versatile for everyday wear. And perhaps even a contender for an ‘all in one’ travel shoe.


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