Aleader Water Shoes Review

Today we’re taking a look at some water shoes from a brand called Aleader. The size I have here is US9.5 and the colour is Cold Grey. The make of this shoe is called the Xdrain Classic 2.0. Now Aleader did send me these shoes for review but my thoughts and opinions are my own. There is also a 15% off discount code; “DEAN15” to buy some of these shoes from their website.

In terms of fit, I used the guide on the website and ordered the size US9.5 which is actually the same size I wear in Nike Free RN’s so I would say they fit fairly true to size. They are comfortable to wear too. They have a soft insole and vegan foam outsoles. The elastic laces also kept the shoes comfortably on my feet and didn’t feel too tight or too loose.

The shoes have an interesting sole and insoles that both have perforations that allow water to easily drain through the soles which gives a much more natural and fluid experience when walking through water. Theres no drag and they drain very fast and smoothly. Its quite a pleasure to wear them while walking on the sand or in the water. Unfortunately though sand doesn’t entirely drain through the holes as quickly as the water. So when you take the shoes off after using them you will need to do some extensive rinsing to get all the sand out.

Thats probably my only real complaint about these shoes. And its something that happens with all the water shoes (except flip flops) that I’ve tried. I also tried the Decathlon Water shoes and had the same problem with sand. Despite the sand though, they are actually great for walking through water and on other terrains.

Although I don’t feel like I would suggest wearing these are your only travel shoes. They feel more suited to beach and or hiking in light trails. I feel like walking on cement for a long period of time might cause them to wear quicker. And with the perforated soles and breathable mesh they wouldn’t be quite suitable for winter seasons. They’re more of a flip flop upgrade.

In terms of style I think they actually look a lot better than a lot of the other water shoes I’ve seen. They actually look like normal sneakers and there are a range of styles to choose from on the Aleader website. The colour I have here is Cold Grey but they also come in a nice Black/White combination.

I’d recommend checking them out if you are in the market for a pair of ‘do it all’ water shoes that are comfortable and look good. Although I would only suggest wearing them in the same areas where you would usually wear flip flops. As I mentioned earlier, you can get 15% off with the discount code ‘DEAN15’ by purchasing here.


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