Aleader Sock Shoe Review

Today we’re taking a look at the ‘sock shoes’ from Aleader. I previously reviewed a pair of their water shoes, you can click in the top right to see that review. This however are more of a lightweight all terrain and barefoot kind of shoe. Aleader did send me these for review but as usual this is a totally independent review.

At first glance it would be easy to mistake these sock shoes for a pair of regular socks. But when you hold them you’ll notice they’re heavier and have a more defined structure than a pair of normal socks. These even come with a removable insole to add an extra layer of comfort and support. In terms of comfort I found them to be relatively easy to slip on and off and were comfortable to walk in. They feel like barefoot shoes and very similar to the toe shoes that vibram sell.

The rubber sole on these is soft and squishy and almost sticky to the touch and that makes them very grippy when you walk on all the different kinds of terrain. However I noticed that it also meant that dirt and sand stuck to the bottom and build up a bit as I was testing them. So I had to hit the shoes to get the sand out before bringing them back inside. I think that over time they stickiness may wear off and this won’t be an issue but only time will tell.

It terms of sizing I’m wearing the size US10 here and they fit the same as my Nike frees and Adidas Utlraboost where I also wear size US10. I also tried the size US8.5 here which fit but was a bit too tight.

These shoes roll up relatively small and are easy to pack but they are still reasonably weighty at 13oz (390g) a pair. Which is about half the weight of my Adidas Ultraboost. They are reasonably priced at US$39.99 a pair and come in several colours.

Overall I think they’re an interesting pair of shoes and would suit those looking for something easy to slip on that gives a ‘barefoot’ shoe experience. They’re well made and very versatile and grippy and would suit a wide range of activities from hiking to jogging to just general walking.


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