AirLoft Quilted Jacket Review

Today we’re looking at Western Rise’s Airloft Quilted Jacket. It’s made from Torays 3DeFX+ active insulation between an ultra lightweight, durable, 4-way stretch fabric and an inner light 4-way stretch, wicking, breathable Polyester that is soft and light against the skin.

Essentially it is a really good ‘all-round’ jacket for a wide variety of temperatures. Unfortunately though I received the jacket just at the tail end of Spring and its been very warm weather here in Australia recently. So I haven’t had a chance to get a feel for the temperature range yet but it’s likely the perfect spring/autumn jacket. It’s also windproof and water resistant with quick drying and water wicking properties. The fabric is also very breathable and you won’t feel sweaty or hot wearing it even if the sun comes out.

In terms of comfort it is extremely comfortable and you can feel the warm immediately after you put the jacket on. It is also totally unrestricted because of the 4 way stretch you can easily move your arms even while the jacket is buttoned up. One of my favourite features of the jacket is its hidden inner pocket. It’s just the right size for a phone and has a soft lining so it won’t get scratched. There’s also a pen pocket on the left breast pocket that is a neat feature.

Sizing-wise the jacket I have is a size small but I still feel it’s about a size too big on me. I’ve been told that the jackets are made slightly larger to accommodate for layering though. Still I would have preferred if it were even just half a size smaller. The price is also on the high end at $228 especially given you can get similar features from some uniqlo jackets that are half the price. But the versatility and quality of this jacket are hard to beat.

Overall if you’re looking for the perfect all-season jacket that not only looks but also feels great then I’d highly recommend checking out the Airloft jacket by Western Rise.


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