Aeropress Go Review

Today we’re taking a quick look at the Aeropress Go. This is a portable version of the popular Aeropress coffee maker. It comes in a well made durable plastic cup with a rubber lid and all the components fit neatly inside. Although the rubber lid isnt super tight and I feel like it could come off in your bag. So I’d like to see a better attachment mechanism in the future. If I were to take this in my bag I would put a rubber band around it to hold the lid on more firmly.

There’s two methods to use this for coffee making. The regular way, by putting it on top of the cup and pressing the coffee in. Or the way I like to use called the ‘inverted method. Where you put the plunger in and turn it upside down. Then put the coffee grounds and water on the plunger to let the coffee steep a bit longer. This allows me to make a nice tasting long black. 

In terms of coffee beans vs ground. I personally think the pre ground coffee works best with this. Because bringing coffee beans and a grinder makes it a lot more bulky overall than just bringing some pre ground coffee. Both taste as good to me but I’m not a coffee aficionado.

Overall I think its a great portable coffee maker and I like how neat it is all packed away into its own little cup. But I cant imagine taking this with me during international travel because there are always nice coffee shops around that I can get a coffee from. I do however think its excellent for those who work in an office and want to bring their favourite coffee from home in a neat and tidy way. 


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