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Hello travellers, I’m Dean. I am a lightweight minimalist traveller and I want to help you pack less. This is a blog about packing less and travelling with only one light bag. It is made in conjunction with my youtube channel Packing Less. I write reviews for travel related products and also link to the videos of the same reviews. This website is essentially a supplement to the videos for those who prefer to read a written review instead of watching a video.

I have been travelling with a single 20 litre backpack that (when packed) weighs just under 6kg (or 13lbs). I intend to travel a lot more and for longer periods of time and also find out how to make my bag lighter and more versatile along the way. I have recently added a laptop to my bag and written a post how to pack a 7kg backpack with a laptop.

I have also just written an eBook titled: One Light Bag: Packing Tips with the aim of helping others to packing lighter backpacks. You can claim a free copy by subscribing to our newsletter.


For sizing reference. I am 177cm (5’10”) weigh approximately 70kg (154lbs) and usually wear a size XS or S. In pants I usually wear a 29 or 30 inch waist and 30 to 32″ in-seam. With shoes my feet measure just over 27cm and I wear 8 or 8.5 US shoe size. If you have any further questions of comments please feel free to contact me.



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