Able Carry DayBreaker 25L Backpack Review

Today we’re taking a look at the Daybreaker 25L backpack from Able Carry. This is in the Cordura ripstop black. Although they also make a slightly lighter Xpac version which is grey. However I really love the black colour over the grey. Able Carry did send this to me for review but my thoughts and opinions are my own.

Starting with the material and design of the bag. I love the lightweight cordura fabric and the water resistant zippers that they’ve used. My favourite thing about this bag is that its one of the most lightweight bags I’ve ever tried. It weighs just 580g (1.28lbs) for the Cordura version and 560g (1.23lbs) for the xpac version. It has a fairly sleek and minimal design overall that I really love too. The back panel is smooth but does have some minor (removable) padding so if you carry a laptop it doesn’t feel uncomfortable. The straps are quite comfortable even with a fully packed out bag and there are adjustable sternum straps built in which worked very well.

There are 3 grab handles on each side of the bag which I really love and think it really helps when putting on and taking off the bag. On the left side is a discreet pocket for wallet, keys, passports or whatever small items you want to carry. There’s also a water bottle pocket on the right side of the bag which is great for water bottle lovers. I personally don’t use or need it myself though.

The cordura fabric and water resistant zippers make it fairly water resistant for light rain and water will run off for the most part. But you wouldn’t want to use it in a heavy or constant downpour. Taking a look inside the bag you’ll see there’s a slip pocket and at the top a zippered compartment with access to the removable back padding and if you look closely there’s another hidden zippered pocket for stashing cash or credit cards. It’s big enough to put your passport too if you wanted to keep it ‘hidden’.

Unfortunately this bag is a top loading bag which is more designed for hiking. The lack of a full front panel loading zipper is the only thing I don’t like about this bag. If the zips just went all the way down to the bottom to give full access I would consider this the perfect backpack. Nevertheless it is a very capable bag and I was able to fit more than I thought inside the bag. You can see here I was able to fit my usual clothing packing cube, camera cube, electronics pouch and MacBook Pro 13, It can fit up to a 15″ MacBook according to the companies website.

The only other thing in addition to a full front zip to make this the perfect bag would be a dedicated laptop compartment. Squeezing the laptop down the back isn’t particularly smooth or easy and would quickly become annoying if you had to do it on a regular basis while travelling. Having a dedicated pocket would make it much more pleasant to use.

Able Carry did also send me this neat little ‘stash pouch’ which I have here in the black xpac version. It retails on their site for USD$20 and can be used for whatever you like as a small packing cube. I’m using it here for some electronics and cables but you could also use it as a toiletry bag or for other small items you may need to organise.

Finally the price comes in at USD$108 for the Cordura version and USD$126 for the xpac version. I think that its a great price for such a high level of quality and lightweight materials. I would very highly recommend this bag if you’re in the market for a one bag for travel and don’t mind the single top opening design.


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