Able Carry Daybreaker 2

Today we’re taking a look at the newly updated Day Breaker 2 from Able Carry. Able Carry really listened to all customer feedback when updating this bag and have really improved it in so many ways that I’d now consider it my overall favourite backpack! Able Carry did send me this bag for review but all thoughts and opinions are my own. Links are in the description below if you’d like to check it out.

So let’s take a look at some brief specs of this bag. It’s 25L, made from a cordura ripstop nylon, and best of all, only weighs 660 grams (1.4lbs). It comes in at USD$128. So what’s new compared to the previous iteration? It now features an extended main zipper that goes all the way down on side for more full access to the main compartment. The back panel now has 2 raised padded areas for ventilation and comfort. And they really do make the bag more comfortable to wear. And finally, they added a slim access pocket which has been very useful for stashing flat items like a passport or notebook. There’s also an internal water bottle pocket as well as the external water bottle pocket so you can choose where you want to carry your water, or carry two!

Unfortunately there’s still no dedicated laptop compartment but there is a sleeve in the main compartment that could be useful for holding you laptop. The other slight negative about this bag for me is that the bag sometimes feels a little narrow. It’s tall and not very wide, so sometimes packing things inside makes it feel a bit full quicker than wider bags. It also sits a bit higher on your back than other backpacks but this is not a bad thing, just something you might take a moment to get used to. This bag was designed more as a hiking backpack than a travelling backpack but it really is great for travel.

There’s a lot of grab handles all over the bag which is very handy for when you take the bag on and off and for pulling it out from under the seat or overhead compartment while travelling. The straps are comfortable and there’s a nice magnetic sternum strap that adds extra stability to the bag while it’s fully packed. I like that they included little strap keepers on the straps too so the excess strap doesn’t flop and hang to the side. There are lots of useful lashing points all over the bag, which makes it very handy if you want to attach extra items with a carabiner or hero clip like I have here or if you have some rope you could use it to hold extra items like a jacket.

You may have noticed the zippers on the outside of the bag are all water resistant zips so this bag is able to handle a light shower but its not fully water proof so I wouldn’t walk round in the rain too much with it. But if you get splashed or caught in a quick shower, I think it would be alright.

Finally, there are a lot of pockets all over the bag. One stash pocket on the side with a lanyard key holder. A slim access pocket and a top pocket great for sunglasses or the like. Overall a great backpack that is very lightweight and feature packed, comfortable to wear and durable. I’d highly recommend checking it out if you’re in the market for a new do it all backpack.


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