(4 year update) Sea To Summit Ultra-sil Day Bag

I bought this Ultra-Sil Day Bag in mid-2011 as I was just starting to get into packing lighter. I came across this product after looking at Sea To Summits range of ultra-sil stuff sacks. There have been periods during my travels and studies that I’ve used this bag every day for months at a time. Four years on and it’s still holding up great, not without some signs of wear however.

The first thing I want to mention is that I’ve crossed the straps on the bag to the opposite sides. This allows me to wear the bag in a kind of cross-body style. The reason I did this is because I find it more comfortable than putting 2 straps on and wearing it as a backpack. I found that more often I would wear it over one shoulder but sometimes due to the slippery material it would slide off.

Some of the good points about this bag are that it’s very lightweight and very compact. It packs down to the size of a bar of soap and is probably lighter than one. The material is called ‘ultra-sil’ a kind of proprietary material developed by Sea To Summit that’s made from Cordura fabric. This means that it’s very strong and durable and in this case highly water repellent too.

Crossed the shoulder straps

Of course nothing’s perfect and this material is on the slippery side. As I mentioned before it can slip off your shoulder if you only sling it across one side and that’s why I modified my bag. Wearing it across both shoulders shows no problem. It is still highly water repellant after 4 years of use and I expect that unless it gets holes, will continue to be water resistant.

The other negative point about this bag is that it’s go no structure at all. Depending what you put in and how you pack it will make it feel strange against your back. Things will slide around in the bag too and everything settles at the bottom giving it a lumpy look. This can all be remedied with some packing methods though. Putting books or large flat objects against the back can help.

So what has worn after 4 years? The cinch cord around the top is probably the most worn area. Its starting to look a bit dry and cracked in this area I guess due the stress of it being pulled tightly closed so often. Other than that I can’t see any areas of wear.

Overall a very lightweight compact and useful little bag that is strong and durable for all kinds of purposes.

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