100 Senses Ultimate Body Bar Review

Today we’re taking a look at the ‘Ultimate Body Bar’ from 100 Senses, which is perhaps one of the best and most versatile travel soaps I’ve tried so far. I bought this with my own money and wasn’t sent it for review. I was recommended to check it out by a viewer of the name “cinemaroll” so thank you for the recommendation.

It is advertised on the 100 Senses site as being ‘not a soap’ and it is in fact soap free and has a 5.5 pH which means its non drying and doesn’t strip the natural oils from your hands or hair as your use it. Its advertised as being great for washing your body, hair and as a shaving soap. The part about using it as a shaving soap is what most interested me. I have usually travelled with a JR Liggett soap bar or Dr Bronners but neither of those are really suitable for shaving and can be quite drying.

As you can see here I decided to give it a try shaving. And I have to say it has quite a nice lather although not quite as thick as my usual Speick shaving soap stick. But if I can eliminate one more item from my bag thats a great thing in my book. I love finding more versatile items that can do the job. I found this quite good for shaving and I actually noticed I didn’t get quite as many cuts or irritation after using it. I don’t know if thats due to the pH level or the softness of the soap but it does work great for shaving.

So next I tried using it for washing clothes. Which is something its not advertised as being good for, but I did talk to 100 Senses by email and they said it should be fine. It worked quite well and I used the method of rinsing the soap in the water. And found it worked just as well as the previous bars Ive used. You can click in the top right to see a more in-depth video of washing clothes while travelling.

Finally I used it for washing my hair and I tried both methods of application. First by rubbing the soap directly on my hair and the other by first lathering it in my hands then putting it in my hair. I preferred the second method and find that it really does lather up very nicely. Its a great lather for body washing too. Although its not a very drying, they do recommend using a separate conditioner if you usually need to condition your hair.

In terms of travelling with this bar, you can buy a dedicated pouch for it on the 100 Senses website. But I found it perfectly fits into the Matador Soap Pouch. Also I have the lavender scent here which smells great. I havent had a change to try the other scents yet but I would be interested to. In terms of pricing its fairly pricy at USD$26 (AUD$39) and they don’t offer international shipping yet. I had to use an expensive shipping forwarding service to get it. I believe 100 Senses will be doing international shipping later though.

Overall a really great and versatile non-soap bar that can do all the things you need to do on your travels and smells great. It also doesn’t get soft of dry and fall apart. Its great and I think well worth the price.


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